Starting over

After destroying my Mizuno Riders at the Trail Mix Relay in April (note to self: wear old shoes on a muddy trail run), I bought a the new, updated model. I wore them a few times and they felt... different. I couldn't put my finger on what was wrong but then I went for a 12 miler that ended like this:

Not one to give in easily, I kept running in them. My feet started to hurt in ways they never have.  I switched back to an old pair that was buried in my closet and have been running in those for a few weeks. With my mileage starting to pick up, I knew I couldn't run much longer in shoes that were already worn out.

I've been running in Mizuno Riders for years now. Years. The process of finding a new shoe is exhausting. Needless to say I was procrastinating on beginning the whole process. With vacation and a couple of races looming, I bit the bullet tonight.  After some time at Marathon Sports, I ended up with these:

Asics Sky Speed

Asics says: A superior, race-inspired training flat, this 9.8-ounce gem is pure performance. Features ASICS® Impact Guidance System (I.G.S.®) and a neutral platform, to allow high-mileage training, with an enhanced Biomorphic Fit® Upper for superior comfort.

And these:

Saucony ProGrid Ride

Saucony says: This everyday neutral training shoe looks faster, weighs less and continues to provide great cushioning, flexibility and an amazing experience for the neutral runner. Weight: 9.7 oz.

I really planned ahead tonight and wore a strapless bra, which is perfect for testing out new shoes on the treadmill. Needless to say I'll be giving them a more thorough try tomorrow morning at the gym.

Any feedback on either of these? 


  1. I haven;t run in either of those shoes but I can say that I hate when the "upgrade" of a shoe is really different from the previous model!
    Yikes on those blisters!


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