Getting my vacation on

Last Friday I headed down to NC for my cousin's wedding. The majority of the fam made the trip so it's turned into a pseudo maternal family reunion.

Here's a shot from the wedding with a few of my siblings. I totally wrecked the picture by putting chocolate cake all over my front teeth, thinking my mom would notice before she took the picture. She didn't.

We tried again but it didn't turn out as well as the first.

Now fifteen of us are at a lovely house that's a mere fifty yards from the ocean.
The house is called "High Times" and I think the "high" refers to the tide, not pot. Just FYI.
View from the main living room. I'm never leaving.
It takes a lot of kitchen/table space to feed 15 people.
The counters are now covered in food making it really easy to graze all day.
The back deck(s). And yes, that's an outdoor shower in the bottom right.  
There has been lots of swimming in the ocean, lots of eating, and lots of running (for me at least). I'm trying to not compulsively check my work email but I've been failing thus far.

Maybe I will have a bottle of wine tonight and throw my Blackberry into the ocean.


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