Flipping the Switch

A lot of people have starting writing about their fall marathon training schedules having kicked off. Since I'm not running until November, I still have a few weeks before my training officially begins. However, I've turned the corner from "running while following a tentative schedule" to "training." This means a few things are going to change for me, such as:

Stop skimping on sleep. Did you know that elite runners typically take naps throughout the day? I once read that Kara Goucher (pre-baby) got up around 9am, had breakfast, ran her first workout, ate lunch, napped, woke up at 5pm, ran again, ate dinner and went to bed. I'm not that lucky. For me, it means earlier bed times, like lights out by 9:00. Feel free to yell at me if you see me on Twitter or Facebook any later than that.

Use my recovery runs to recover. I suck at this. All of my recovery runs should be around an 8:30 pace. I never do this but need to start.

Start warming up (form drills, etc.) and cooling down properly (like the Cannon Ball Cool Down).

Make friends with my foam roller and ice packs again. They're both sort of a pain/pleasure thing for me.

Get on some kind of cross-training and core program. Let's face it: after hours of running a week, the last thing I want to do is head to the gym for a little bike/elliptical/weight action. But I need to and I know it, for injury prevention as well as weight loss.
A current read
Yes, I said weight loss. And no, I don't think I'm fat. But find me a girl who has run a 3 hour marathon and I can guarantee you that she's carry around a few less lbs than I am.  And no, I'm not excited about this because I like to eat! And running makes me hungry!  There is definitely a science to slimming down while training so I'm trying to be as smart as possible about this so I can properly fuel my body- and my workouts.

So that's the plan. Here's to working my ass off for the next 20+ weeks.

PS- I'm running a 5K tomorrow morning. Yikes.


  1. Love the warm up / cool down link. Looks almost like a workout in itself!


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