New Prague Half- Goals

I could wax poetic about why it's good to have goals but I'm going to cut right to the chase, mostly because I'm too nervous to think too much about this.

Overall Goal:  Don't give up. Inevitably there comes a point in a race where things get hard and I make the conscious decision to push through or to settle in. Every time I chose to settle I regret it, but when I'm in the moment, it's hard as hell to push. No settling tomorrow. I want to fight all the way to the finish.

"If the stars are aligned (and the wind is at my back) Goal"- 1:32: xx This would be the

"It's still a challenge but achievable" Goal: Sub 1:35.

"In the bag" Goal:  Run a PR. New Prague was the last Half that I ran... a year ago. Considering I beat my current PR (1:42) during training runs, I'm pretty sure a new PR is a sure thing.

Off to bed.


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