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The Wedding Singer Quotes and Sound Clips

Answer: Yes. (And can you name that movie?)

This is the first time in a long, long time that I feel like I can't get ahead of things. Every day brings some  new stressor- minor, no doubt, in the long run- but still...

Work has been... stressful. My personal life is... complicated.

In the past, running has been my release, my escape. But now even my training is contributing to my stress levels. I've been struggling through workouts. It's hard to push yourself physically when you're drained mentally. I'm tired, too, which means I occasionally skip a run in favor of sleep, knowing that I need to keep my body healthy. But then I feel guilty for skipping runs and get stressed about that... And FOOD- talk about comfort food cravings! Candy? Yep. An entire bag of chips? Almost. And then the food guilt sets in... and so the cycle goes.

I'm hoping this long weekend gives me a chance to recharge. An old friend is visiting, a coworker is getting married- both ingredients for a great time.

If all else fails: booze.

I'm kidding. Kind of.


  1. Never joke about booze.
    I hear you about the running whilst stressed / tired (physically, emotionally)...maybe just rein the miles in, or go swimming or cycling on the days when you feel really down about running?
    Ups and's Friday, so you should be on the upslope now...
    p.s. love the blog


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