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In a funk

Question: ( Link ) View more The Wedding Singer Quotes and Sound Clips Answer: Yes. (And can you name that movie?) This is the first time in a long, long time that I feel like I can't get ahead of things. Every day brings some  new stressor- minor, no doubt, in the long run- but still... Work has been... stressful. My personal life is... complicated. In the past, running has been my release, my escape. But now even my training is contributing to my stress levels. I've been struggling through workouts. It's hard to push yourself physically when you're drained mentally. I'm tired, too, which means I occasionally skip a run in favor of sleep, knowing that I need to keep my body healthy. But then I feel guilty for skipping runs and get stressed about that... And FOOD- talk about comfort food cravings! Candy? Yep. An entire bag of chips? Almost. And then the food guilt sets in... and so the cycle goes. I'm hoping this long weekend gives me a chance t

The Day I Met Ryan and Sara Hall in an Elevator and David Torrence Bought Me a Beer

It's Saturday morning and I'm still exhausted from the Medtronic TC 1 Mile on Thursday. The day started out with loading the truck at the office, then loading my car with all the supplies we need for the press luncheon, hustling over to the hotel for said luncheon, changing clothes and setting up for press check-in. As people started to filter in, I got a call from our office telling me that something needed to be updated on our website ASAP. I couldn't find a decent Internet connection so I grabbed my laptop and went down to the lobby. After some quick updating, I was back on the elevator up to the fourteenth floor when the elevator stopped and two people got on: Ryan and Sara Hall. O.M.G. Clearly I knew I'd see them at the press luncheon but wasn't prepared to be in a confined space with them. Luckily our race photographer was in the elevator with us and he started talking to them. It gave me the opportunity to pick my jaw off the floor, introduce myself, sh

race recap- New Prague Half Marathon

1:36:24 Now you don't have to scroll all the way to the bottom to figure out what I ran. Clearly the wind was not at my back and I didn't hit my goal of running under 1:35 but did run a PR. I should say up front that this post is more for me than it is for you, but feel free to keep reading anyway. It was a perfect morning for the race which was completely uncharacteristic of New Prague. It was a little windy but it didn't feel like anything I couldn't handle. I ran a warm-up with Shawn and Regina and settled in near the 1:35 pace group at the start. When we took off, I felt like we were crawling but I stayed behind the pacer. I was so surprised to see the first mile tick off in 7:12 and I couldn't believe that I didn't feel like I was working at all. Gotta love adrenaline. Once we got out of town and turned into the wind, I knew that I was going to have to work a little bit. I tucked in behind the pacer and just kept my eyes on his feet. There were so

New Prague Half- Goals

I could wax poetic about why it's good to have goals but I'm going to cut right to the chase, mostly because I'm too nervous to think too much about this. Overall Goal :  Don't give up. Inevitably there comes a point in a race where things get hard and I make the conscious decision to push through or to settle in. Every time I chose to settle I regret it, but when I'm in the moment, it's hard as hell to push. No settling tomorrow. I want to fight all the way to the finish. "If the stars are aligned (and the wind is at my back) Goal"- 1:32: xx This would be the "It's still a challenge but achievable" Goal : Sub 1:35. "In the bag" Goal :  Run a PR. New Prague was the last Half that I ran... a year ago. Considering I beat my current PR (1:42) during training runs, I'm pretty sure a new PR is a sure thing. Off to bed.


In case you haven't heard, RYAN HALL is running the Medtronic TC 1 Mile! That's our race! Which means I'll get to meet him! Which means I'll probably freak him out when I faint. Ryan Hall. The man who just ran the fastest marathon ever run by an American. Ryan. Hall. I've been too busy announcing this via our social media pages and writing press releases and eblasts so unfortunately my blog is the last place to get any love. Ryan Hall.