I just committed to racing a 5K... tomorrow morning. I wasn't planning on racing anything until the New Prague Half in a couple weeks but I was prompted by a running buddy. I also bribed myself with this:

Cravings like this are what I get for reading HungryRunnerGirl...

I don't know what to expect tomorrow. The course is tough, I haven't been doing focused speedwork of any kind, and I just carbo loaded by demolishing a bag of gummie bears and a bowl chocolate ice cream. But I'll run as best I can tomorrow to give myself an honest evaluation of where my fitness is.

Secretly I'm hoping for a PR. Realistically I'm hoping to not die.

I'll be the girl puking up gummie bears at the finish line.


  1. I did this race last year, and it was a pretty decent race. There is a steeper uphill right at the start, followed by a gradual ascent for the next 1/2 mile or so. As long as you don't overcook it on that first hill, the course is pretty easy. The only other thing is that there is a loooong straightaway in the last mile, and it looks longer than it really is. The competition should be good, so you can use them to pull you to a PR.

    Good luck!


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