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Back in your head

I'm racing the New Prague Half Marathon next Saturday and  I am torn between feeling ill-prepared and, well, like a wuss that needs to suck it up and stop making excuses.

The past few weeks have been really up and down training-wise. I've had some really great workouts, like two amazing interval runs last week (yes, intervals!). Then I got hit with the Cold to End All Colds during a hellacious work-week (web redesign in full swing, 12 hour days, you know the drill). Four days, no running.

According to the McMillan Running Calculator, my 5K time from a few weeks ago puts me on track to run a sub 1:35, which was my original goal for this race. That's encouraging. Physically I think I am more than capable to run my goal time. The problem is my head.

The thing that I love- and loathe- about running is that so much of it is mental. Mental strength is so valuable in our sport- we have no team to fall back on, to carry us through tough moments. It's just us and the road. Bu…

The Best Medicine

The cure for everything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea. - Isak Dinesen

It's offish...

I am officially registered for the SunTrust Richmond Marathon on Saturday, November 12. 

This is where I hope to realize my hopes and dreams of becoming a sub 3:10er. Let the fun begin.
Has anyone run this? Any advice, tips or insights?
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race recap: Run the Valley 5K

It feels weird to write a race recap because it's been MONTHS! Racing a 5K definitely wasn't in my plans but after last Tuesday's speedwork with Shawn from MN RED, I was persuaded to test my fitness level in preparation for my upcoming half marathon.

I'm not going to lie- I was super nervous. I hate running fast and feeling that uncomfortable for that long. I was also worried that I would end up with a way slower time than I wanted and become really discouraged. As the saying goes, 90% of the things we worry about never happen...

On Friday night I drove the course so I could see what I was getting myself into. Shawn told me (and Matt confirmed) that the first mile had some decent climbs and it did. After that, though, it was a gentle descent the second mile and then a long, straight, flat third mile before turning to head to the finish. After psyching myself up (and out) with the course, I drove to Target to bribe myself with candy.

After a fitful night of sleep, I w…

A 5K PR and how I suck at pacing

Ran the 5K in 20:25, setting a new PR, so I should be happy,  but this was a pretty awful race. Case in point:

Mile 1: 6:22 and the hardest part of the course, mind you
Mile 2: 6:34 and a lot of it was sloping downhill
Mile 3: 6:46 on a long, straight, flat- albeit windy- section
last .1: 5:41 because I'm apparently capable running this fast (news to me)

Full race recap to follow.


I just committed to racing a 5K... tomorrow morning. I wasn't planning on racing anything until the New Prague Half in a couple weeks but I was prompted by a running buddy. I also bribed myself with this:

Cravings like this are what I get for reading HungryRunnerGirl...
I don't know what to expect tomorrow. The course is tough, I haven't been doing focused speedwork of any kind, and I just carbo loaded by demolishing a bag of gummie bears and a bowl chocolate ice cream. But I'll run as best I can tomorrow to give myself an honest evaluation of where my fitness is.
Secretly I'm hoping for a PR. Realistically I'm hoping to not die.
I'll be the girl puking up gummie bears at the finish line.