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Back in your head

I'm racing the New Prague Half Marathon next Saturday and  I am torn between feeling ill-prepared and, well, like a wuss that needs to suck it up and stop making excuses. The past few weeks have been really up and down training-wise. I've had some really great workouts, like two amazing interval runs last week (yes, intervals !). Then I got hit with the Cold to End All Colds  during a hellacious work-week (web redesign in full swing, 12 hour days, you know the drill). Four days, no running. According to the McMillan Running Calculator , my 5K time from a few weeks ago puts me on track to run a sub 1:35, which was my original goal for this race. That's encouraging. Physically I think I am more than capable to run my goal time. The problem is my head. The thing that I love- and loathe- about running is that so much of it is mental. Mental strength is so valuable in our sport- we have no team to fall back on, to carry us through tough moments. It's just us and the

The Best Medicine

Topsail Island, 2011 The cure for everything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea. - Isak Dinesen

It's offish...

I am officially registered for the SunTrust Richmond Marathon on Saturday, November 12.  This is where I hope to realize my hopes and dreams of becoming a sub 3:10er. Let the fun begin. Has anyone run this? Any advice, tips or insights? Image via

race recap: Run the Valley 5K

It feels weird to write a race recap because it's been MONTHS! Racing a 5K definitely wasn't in my plans but after last Tuesday's speedwork with Shawn from MN RED , I was persuaded to test my fitness level in preparation for my upcoming half marathon. I'm not going to lie- I was super nervous. I hate running fast and feeling that uncomfortable for that long. I was also worried that I would end up with a way slower time than I wanted and become really discouraged. As the saying goes, 90% of the things we worry about never happen... On Friday night I drove the course so I could see what I was getting myself into. Shawn told me (and Matt confirmed) that the first mile had some decent climbs and it did. After that, though, it was a gentle descent the second mile and then a long, straight, flat third mile before turning to head to the finish. After psyching myself up (and out) with the course, I drove to Target to bribe myself with candy. After a fitful night of slee

A 5K PR and how I suck at pacing

Ran the 5K in 20:25, setting a new PR, so I should be happy,  but this was a pretty awful race. Case in point: Mile 1: 6:22 and the hardest part of the course, mind you Mile 2: 6:34 and a lot of it was sloping downhill Mile 3: 6:46 on a long, straight, flat- albeit windy- section last .1: 5:41 because I'm apparently capable running this fast (news to me) Full race recap to follow.


I just committed to racing a 5K... tomorrow morning . I wasn't planning on racing anything until the New Prague Half in a couple weeks but I was prompted by a running buddy. I also bribed myself with this: Cravings like this are what I get for reading HungryRunnerGirl ... I don't know what to expect tomorrow. The course is tough, I haven't been doing focused speedwork of any kind, and I just carbo loaded by demolishing a bag of gummie bears and a bowl chocolate ice cream. But I'll run as best I can tomorrow to give myself an honest evaluation of where my fitness is. Secretly I'm hoping for a PR. Realistically I'm hoping to not die. I'll be the girl puking up gummie bears at the finish line.