You know you're a running nerd when...

... you spend all morning in bed watching live streaming of NYRR TV as they interview all the athletes that will be running the NYC Half Marathon tomorrow. I've gotten out of bed to make coffee and toast and to grab my laptop.

Both the men's and women's fields are really strong:  Ryan, Meb, Mo, Gebre, Galen, Abdi (and local MN runner Jason Lehmkuhle!) for the men and Kara (!) is  leading the ladies. This will be her first competitive race back after having her baby just six months ago. She will also be competing in Boston in less than a month, and she's made it clear she's looking for the win there.

You can safely assume that I will be up tomorrow at 6:15 a.m. watching live streaming of the race. Yep, running nerd. Seriously, it's like Christmas Eve for me.

Get the diddy on the rest of the field on the NYRR website.


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