Got Grit?

I read my old training logs last night, the ones that I kept when I first started running. When I was training for my first marathon... When I didn't know how far this addiction would go.

Back then my only goal was to finish the marathon, to cross it off my Bucket List.

After the 2008 Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon
with my mom and step-dad., looking bloated.
I found an entry from the first time I maintained a sub-8 pace for longer than a couple miles, something I didn't know I was capable of: 4/14/10- 7.77 miles; 1:00:57; 7:51 average pace. Ran Cambria Hill, super strong headwind on the way back. Quad still sore from yesterday. FASTEST EVER!

I can remember talking to a male running buddy whose BQ time was 3:30, which means maintaining a 8:00 pace. That sounded IMPOSSIBLE to me. And then, less than a year later, I did that and then some, running a 3:27 and qualifying myself.

After the 2010 IMT Des Moines Marathon with my mom. Did you catch the
theme of my mom wearing bright green? It makes her easier to spot.
 I'm not really sure when running became more than a hobby and turned into a dream. But it has. And a lot of days it sucks. This isn't something that comes easy for me.  Running was never something I excelled in; I was never competitive in high school and never ran track in college. I have no PR's or impressive stats. I don't have parents who are Olympians, or even avid runners really. But what I lack in genes, I make up in grit.

Grit: firmness of character; fortitude; determination.

For me, running requires sacrifice. And to get where I want to get to, it will require more than I'm currently giving. Most days it seems overwhelming but occasionally it feels possible.

And the possibility of what could be is what keeps my feet moving forward.


  1. loved every word of this post & relate to it so much! well, not the fast part. i'm still waiting for the day when i will be able to run an 8 min mile on a long run!

    adding you to my blog roll!


  2. Love this post! I'd say GRIT is much better than being genetically gifted anyways :) Thanks for the twitter follow!


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