Creative Cooking

...or alternatively titled "The night I had no real food in my house and used everything in my pantry."

Last night, due to the recent massive and never-ending snowfall, my plan of grocery shopping for the week got derailed when I went out to my car and discovered the two foot snow drifts that surrounded it. Being sans shovel, I quickly retreated back indoors.

Dinner was comprised of a can of black beans, a can of corn, a mason jar of some tomato concoction that my mom gave me and half an onion. I figured it was pretty close to chili. I topped it off with plain yogurt, shredded cheese and crumbled saltines.

There may or may not have been wine involved. And some Bachelor watching. (I totally called who he sent home, by the way.)

This morning I warmed up for my run by digging my car out of it's spot, followed by 30 minutes on the stationary bike and then a little 4 mile run. This week will be my highest mileage week in nearly four months- a whopping 30 miles. I've been behaving and only increasing 10% each week.

Off to work.


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