Another Day, Another Dollar

Family, L to R:  Andrew, Juli, Mom, me, and Petey
On Sunday my company put on the Valentine's Day TC 5K. It's a 'fun run' (i.e. not chip timed) and it was part of my job to incorporate "fun" into the event. Since the race has a Valentine's theme, I ran with it (no pun intended). Runners were able to select back tags that showed their relationship status: Single, Taken, or the ever popular It's Complicated. We also had Cupid on-site to facilitate some match-making and instead of a water stop we made a Love Stop where we passed out cups of candy conversation hearts and runner-themed valentines.

Since the weather was "warm" here (30 degrees) compared to what it had been earlier in the week (-8 degrees) people came out in droves, including a few of my family members. My mom took my Joel picture that I usually run my marathons with a wore it during the 5K. It's the three year anniversary of his death tomorrow and we're all feeling it in very different ways. More on that later...

On Sunday morning I left to go to San Antonio for Running USA's 8th Annual Running Industry Conference so I'm writing this from the hotel lobby. This morning I got to run with Bart Yasso and a ton of super cool people in the industry. We've been  in different sessions all day and are on a short break until things will rev up again. I love that this is my job! I'll post a recap of the whole thing later this week. Til then, happy running!


  1. Running with Bart Yasso? Awesome.

    Btw, I was a course marshall on Sat. out near Mile 1, and people were really into the theme during the race. Nice job in coming up with all the fun stuff to do!


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