2011 Races- The Tentative Schedule

Why is it that Minnesota always gets slammed with bad weather when I have off work? I have errands that I wanted to run today!
 This picture doesn't even do it justice. I think we've gotten somewhere between 12 and 15 inches and it's still snowing!  I have yet to even venture outside, trying to delay the inevitable digging out process. Instead, I'm fantasizing about spring and being able to run sans snow!

4/16- Trail Mix 50K Relay: I'm running this as a training run with my dad, brother, and sister as TEAM FFF (Forced Family Fun). See Fargo Marathon for further information.

5/7- New Prague Half Marathon: I ran this last year and I thought it would be a good test of how much my fitness has improved. I’m hoping for a sub 1:35. (I ran a 1:42 last year.)

TEAM FFF celebrating my
dad's 55th birthday
5/21- Fargo Marathon: TEAM FFF reunites for what is sure to be the most epic race. Brother Andrew (28, and actual sibling, not monk)  will be tackling his first 26.2. Juli (sister, 24) ran Fargo last year as her first marathon and loved the experience but hasn't been running much since. Dad (Bill, 55) was a marathoner in past life and has recently resumed running. We've been talking about running as a family for a while now and 2011 is the year where talk becomes action. I will be sticking with Dad the whole time so this is a training run for me and not a race.

June- Sauerkraut Day 5K: Last year I ran this a week after running Grandma's Marathon and it was a great race for me. It was the first race that I've ever won (first female, anyway).  I plan to go back and give some of the boys a run for their money.

7/7- The Bear Run: It's just a little five mile run... up a mountain.

August- Giant Day 5K: Pretty much the same deal as the Sauerkraut Day 5K. Have to represent my hometown.

8/19-20- Great River Ragnar Relay: Not quite sure what team I'm running with but I know I want to do it. Such a fun race!

Fall Marathon TBD: This is the race that my entire year is hinging on (no pressure).  I'm leaning toward Philly or Richmond. Any suggestions?


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