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Timing is everything

Last week I got into a little fender-bender in the parking lot of my apartment complex. Yep, I’m officially a loser. Nothing serious but I do get to pay a nice $500 deductible to repair the damage to my brand new car. This whole ordeal got me thinking about timing and how life can change in mere seconds. The fact of the matter is, if I had been ten seconds faster or slower leaving my apartment, this wouldn’t have happened. How would my life be different if I was a 10 seconds earlier or later to everything? Would I meet different people and have totally different experiences? Would I have a totally different life? Thinking about all the possibilities is enough to make me go a little mad. 2011 has become all about timing for me. I’ve decided that this will be my amazing running year. No distractions. No excuses. After improving my time by 13-22 minutes each time I tackle the 26.2 (Twin Cities Oct ’08: 4:17, Twin Cities Oct ’09: 3:55, Grandma’s June ’10: 3:40, and Des Moines Oct ’10: