Miley Cyrus doesn't run hill repeats...

... so what exactly is her song "The Climb" about?

Last night was a hill repeat night. I ran a hill that is about a half-mile in length and varies in degrees of steepness, sort of leveling out and climbing again a few times. Here are some photos to better explain it.

Bottom of the hill. Notice the red trailer...

At the red trailer, still going up.

Yes, still climbing.

Leveling out for a bit. Notice green garbage can.

Starting to climb again. Closer to green garbage can.

Scarlett the dog demonstrating the steepness.

Leveling out again with final climb ahead. This was my favorite part!

Top of the hill. 

I decided to run it both ways five times with a two minute break after each uphill portion. Here's how it went down (and up).

Set 1:
Down- 3:12
Up- 3:19

Set 2:
Down- 3:04
Up- 3:22

Set 3:
Down- 3:18

Set 4:
Down- 2:59
Up- 3:16

Set 5:
Down- 3:25
Up- 3:11
1 mile cooldown wog (walk/jog) with the dog

Total workout stats:
5.52 miles; 48:07; 8:43 average pace

As you can plainly tell from my splits, I evidently can get up in roughly the same amount of time as it takes me to get down, which seems odd to me. I wasn't trying to run slow downhill and wasn't trying to push it running up. I might need to practice some downhill running!

In other disturbing Miley Cyrus-related news, I read in Newsweek this morning that her video Party in the USA is the fifth most watched video on YouTube... EVER. Really, America? (And no, I'm not into Miley Cyrus at all but do get the "Hannah Montana" thing all the time. Thanks, Disney.)

Happy weekend, happy running!


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