July 23, 2010

Miley Cyrus doesn't run hill repeats...

... so what exactly is her song "The Climb" about?

Last night was a hill repeat night. I ran a hill that is about a half-mile in length and varies in degrees of steepness, sort of leveling out and climbing again a few times. Here are some photos to better explain it.

Bottom of the hill. Notice the red trailer...

At the red trailer, still going up.

Yes, still climbing.

Leveling out for a bit. Notice green garbage can.

Starting to climb again. Closer to green garbage can.

Scarlett the dog demonstrating the steepness.

Leveling out again with final climb ahead. This was my favorite part!

Top of the hill. 

I decided to run it both ways five times with a two minute break after each uphill portion. Here's how it went down (and up).

Set 1:
Down- 3:12
Up- 3:19

Set 2:
Down- 3:04
Up- 3:22

Set 3:
Down- 3:18

Set 4:
Down- 2:59
Up- 3:16

Set 5:
Down- 3:25
Up- 3:11
1 mile cooldown wog (walk/jog) with the dog

Total workout stats:
5.52 miles; 48:07; 8:43 average pace

As you can plainly tell from my splits, I evidently can get up in roughly the same amount of time as it takes me to get down, which seems odd to me. I wasn't trying to run slow downhill and wasn't trying to push it running up. I might need to practice some downhill running!

In other disturbing Miley Cyrus-related news, I read in Newsweek this morning that her video Party in the USA is the fifth most watched video on YouTube... EVER. Really, America? (And no, I'm not into Miley Cyrus at all but do get the "Hannah Montana" thing all the time. Thanks, Disney.)

Happy weekend, happy running!

July 19, 2010

XT Monday

I've been pushing pretty hard these past few weeks in my training. I was gearing up for the Twin Cities Marathon in October but now that I'm working for TCM, I can't run it. Any suggestions on what to run instead? I'm thinking either Whistlestop, Richmond, or Outer Banks.

Anyway, Monday is my cross-training and only non-running day of the week. Since I don't have my gym membership yet, I haven't been doing a whole lot and basically have been taking Monday's off. However, this week I'm housesitting for my aunt and uncle who have a dog and a pool! So tonight when I got home from work, I took the dog for a leisurely 45 minute walk and snapped a shot of this:

It's slightly hard to see (okay, almost impossible) but there is a deer on the tracks.

After our little walk, the dog and I went swimming. Rather, I ran laps in the shallow end of the pool while she would jump in after a frisbee. This was the first time I have ever done any pool running and it hurt my shins a lot. I don't have shin splints or anything and it was more in the muscle on the outside of my shin than on the bone. A good workout, nonetheless.

Question: What's your favorite form of cross-training?

July 15, 2010

Song of the Day

Today I had a 10 mile run to do after work. I checked the weather right at 5pm and it said the current temp for Minneapolis was 93 degrees but with the humidity, it "feels like" 103.

Guess who ran anyway?

Granted it was around the lakes and I literally stopped at every drinking fountain. AND I jumped in Lake Calhoun after.

10.01 miles; 1:26:48: 8:41 average pace

I'd like to dedicate this song to July 14, 2010.

Bonus question: Guess who can't wait for their gym membership to get activated so she can run inside?

July 8, 2010

Coolest. Job. Ever.

I am happy to announce that I have secured a full time job! The best part is, it has the makings of being the coolest job ever.
I will be a Communication Specialist for Twin Cities in Motion (TCM), the nonprofit that puts on the Twin Cities Marathon as well as a slew of other running events in the Twin Cities.

I officially start on Monday so I am in the midst of trying to find an apartment and a new work wardrobe (my 40 mile weeks have made my clothes too big). Exciting and busy times!

July 1, 2010

Almost Famous

This article (and photo) was in the Henderson Independent...

Andrew Gerdts was the overall champion at the Sauerkraut Days 5k. Hannah Schroeder won the women's division and set a course record. (Photo by James Brenno)

Records set at 4th annual Sauerkraut 5k Run

For the second year in a row a course record was set at the annual Sauerkraut Days 5k. This year, however, it wasn’t the men’s course record that fell. Instead, Hannah Schroeder of Le Sueur won the women’s division and set the women’s course record at 20:48, nearly two minutes faster than the previous record of 22:23 set by Jamie Bachaus back in 2007.

But Schroeder, who finished 16th overall, wasn’t the only one to best that record in the women’s division. Parry Larson finished the course with a time of 21:05 and took 18th place overall and Jessica Eibs finished at 21:52 and took 20th.

Overall, soon-to-be LS-H senior Andrew Gerdts defended his title and course record as Gerdts was the overall champion with a time of 17:44. Gerdts set the overall course record last year with a time of 17:23.

Two previous Sauerkraut Days 5K champions and course record holders came in second and third.

Sam Straub, who won the first Kraut 5k and recently finished a marathon in roughly 3 hours, came in second place with a time of 18:11. Lucas Giesen, who’s course record of 17:24 was broken last year by one second, was third this year with a time of 18:33.

Rounding out the top ten were Joe Stuewe at 18:53 and Brian Petzel at 19:04, Chris Lagergen at 19:31, Tom Wischnaek at 19:35, Nate Reiman at 19:43, Kyle Lamberton at 19:48 and Alex Wischnack at 19:56.

But perhaps the biggest story of the race was the turnout. With clear skies and warm temperatures on Saturday morning, (a stark difference from later that evening) nearly 150 runners/walkers attended this year’s event, making it the largest Sauerkraut Days 5k race ever.

Last year, the fun run saw roughly 100 runners and walkers.
*For complete results pick up this week's Henderson Independent.