Goals and stuff

Just in case you thought I do all of this without rhyme or reason, here are some running/fitness goals I've set for myself for the summer. Sharing them makes me accountable and accountability is good. You can all shame me mercilessly if I don't reach them.
1. PR in Grandma's Marathon:  Ultimately I'd like to run anything under 3:50 (but secretly am wishing for something under 3:45). I finished the Twin Cities Marathon last year with a time of 3:55:46.

2. Place in a race: Small towns, here I come! Here's the thing that makes this one completely doable: A week after Grandma's, there is a local 5k race for Henderson's annual Sauerkraut Days where the female course record is 22:23. A few weeks ago I ran a 5k route during a training run in 22:43. How awesome would it be to not only win the race (for girls) but hold the female course record?! I think I have this one in the bag as long as 1. The marathon doesn't kill me; 2. The fast girls don't show up; 3. I don't eat too much sauerkraut the night before. 

2a.  I'd like to accomplish the above while wearing some sort of costume. Any ideas?

3. Shrink my boobs: So it's not like I look like JWoww or anything when I work out but I have a decent rack and as a result, have to wear sports bras that look like this:

And mine aren't even a cute pink... they're scary, industrial black with adjustable straps and three hooks in back. Smaller boobs would just make running easier, I think. Besides, as my Oma used to say, anything more than a handful is just a waste. Achieving this goal will most likely help me achieve goal #5, too. Less to lift.

4. Take a decent race photo: In all of my race photos- the ones they charge you like $50 for- I usually look like I'm on some sort of death march. I don't make running look fun or sexy or anything remotely close to something one should attempt. Any suggestions on how to improve? And please don't say smile. That would make things worse.

5. Be able to do 5 consecutive pull-ups: As of today, I can do 2 real pull-ups, under-handed or over-handed, pulling myself up from the ground, not jumping to the bar. Being able to do five would just make me feel like a stud.

Do you set any goals for yourself? Do tell.

Images from here, here, and here.


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