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Henderson Sauerkraut Days 5k race recap

Remember this post about my goals? Goal number two was to place in a race and guess what? I DID! The course for this run was essentially two loops around the lower portion of Henderson, meaning it was relatively flat. There were maybe 50 or so runners and another 50 walkers/mom's with strollers. I lined up a few rows behind the starting line (all the boys) and tried to size up my competition for the girls. There were some girls that looked pretty fast (long, lean, young) and I was watching them warm up, envisioning myself getting dominated. To start the race, there was no gun, no horn, just some guy yelling "GO!" And off we went. My first mile was definitely too fast but I wanted to keep an eye on the girls that took off out of the gate. Soon enough they burned out and I passed them, trying to keep my pace as even as possible. It was extra incentive being the female front runner to keep my pace up. I didn't want to get passed by another girl or anyone. And I

Grandma's Marathon Race Recap

What: Grandma's Marathon Where: Duluth, MN When: Saturday, June 19, 2010 The Expo I know that some people aren't huge fans of the expo but I love them! Free food. Free gifts. What more can you ask for? It's also a great place to pick up some fun running stuff, like this shirt by Sistas Shirts . I thought it was pretty applicable. It's also a great opportunity to learn about new organizations. Before I left for Duluth, I saw on the Grandma's Marathon Facebook page that Medals 4 Mettle would be at the expo. This organization collects medals from races and gives them to people fighting serious illnesses or that have debilitating handicaps. Their mission is really personal to me because of what my family experienced with Joel so I donated all of my medals from past races. The highlight of the expo by far was hearing Kara Goucher speak. She is my favorite runner and I've been following her for quite a while. She was just as down to earth as I had ho

Second Day Sore

Here's to wishing every set of stairs was an escalator.... Full Grandma's Marathon race report coming soon.

Goals and stuff

Just in case you thought I do all of this without rhyme or reason, here are some running/fitness goals I've set for myself for the summer. Sharing them makes me accountable and accountability is good. You can all shame me mercilessly if I don't reach them. 1. PR in Grandma's Marathon :  Ultimately I'd like to run anything under 3:50 (but secretly am wishing for something under 3:45). I finished the Twin Cities Marathon last year with a time of 3:55:46. 2. Place in a race : Small towns, here I come! Here's the thing that makes this one completely doable: A week after Grandma's, there is a local 5k race for Henderson's annual Sauerkraut Days  where the female course record is 22:23. A few weeks ago I ran a 5k route during a training run in 22:43. How awesome would it be to not only win the race (for girls) but hold the female course record?! I think I have this one in the bag as long as 1. The marathon doesn't kill me; 2. The fast girls don't show

Busy like a bee

I have been away from my computer for like a week as I was up in the Twin Cities enjoying a little lake action over the weekend, going to a concert at First Ave on Sunday night, and had my first day at my new job on Tuesday! I'm only working part time but I feel like it's a good spot to be for now and it's at a local running store so my job mostly consists of talking about running all day. Love it. Grandma's Marathon in 9 days. Tapering and feeling good, albeit a little tired. And this has nothing to do with running but it makes me fall even more in love with MN. Happy running.

Ode to Running

It was National Running Day today! Hooray! I ran a six mile tempo run in honor of this special day. During it, I began to think of the reasons why I love running so much. Here's what I could come up with: 1. You don't need much to do it. A decent pair of shoes and a sports bra to hold the girls and you're set. 2. The running community is not pretentious. Everyone is welcome. All ages, all abilities. It's like we exist to encourage each other. What other sport do "elites" run with people dressed as hot dogs? (If you haven't witnessed this, check out a 5k race!) 3. You compete against yourself. There's no team to fall back on. Just you.  Since I am not Kara Goucher or Kenyan, I have very little chance of actually winning a race but I constantly work to improve my previous times. 4. It's a great stress buster. I can go out for a run after a horrible day and come back feeling like it was nothing. 5. Running makes my legs and butt look amaz

Running the Recovery Road

I've been a bit lax on the posting and really have no excuse so my apologies if there is any one out there that looks forward to my musings. First, I'm happy to report that Juli finished the Fargo Marathon in 4:22:23 so thank you to any of you that sent her good vibes. I spoke with her shortly after she finished and she said that she enjoyed herself and the crowd support was great. She hasn't even sworn off running another marathon but will probably need some coaxing. Actually, she recently told me she is considering doing a figure competition (what?!) so I think her energy might be focused on getting her body to look like this: It is a little known fact that when female figure competitors stop their strict exercise, diet, hairspray and tanning regimen, they begin to look more like this: But anyway, more power to her, I guess. I'll stick with running. On that note, I am happy to report that I am nearing 100% again with the hip/ass pain having subsided. I dropped m