Weekend Recap

Last Thursday I went to watch the USA 1 Mile Road Championship hosted by the Medtronic TC 1 Mile. The race is run through downtown Minneapolis and they had some pretty awful weather. It was cold and was raining off and on and they were also running directly into the wind. Far from perfect conditions. You can see how cold it was by how the spectators are dressed. (Full disclosure: I may or may not have been sipping cocktails while all of this was going on. It's how we stay warm in MN.)

By the time the Elites started to run, we had moved inside to grab something to eat. I took this shot of Christin Wurth somewhere after the half-way point.

She had a pretty decent lead on the rest of the pack so I'd assumed she'd won. Wrong-o. Here's the video of the race if you're a total running nerd like me, but what essentially happened was Christin didn't run a tangent on the one and only curve near the finish and her competitor's caught up. She ended up placing third.

The weather warmed up considerably on Friday- one of the first nice days in almost 3 weeks- and I went for a run with my brother around Lake of the Isles. I hadn't run since my amazing but painful 1/2 almost a week before. My hip/butt started to hurt almost immediately but I finished the loop. I have again relegated myself to biking, stretching and icing. Ugh.

We didn't push the pace at all and took some time to snap a couple shots.

Lovely Minneapolis in the background

Andrew mid-stride

Off to the gym... Happy running!


  1. Sounds like a fun day! I definitely would've been there with cocktails too! Thanks for your note! It definitely was a tough course and the hills certainly made it interesting! I really thought I was going to come in sub 2:00, but I came on that list hill and knew that wasn't going to happen! But I still beat my goal time so I'm happy!


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