Breaking wind

After a killer leg workout on Monday, and a crushing strength class yesterday, my quads weren't feeling too enthusiastic about running 8 miles today and I especially did not want to do it indoors. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that although it was warm outside, the wind was brutal. Like gusting. Still, I decided to do my Cambria Hill route, thinking that the river valley bluffs would protect me from Mother Nature's fury.

I was pretty much wrong about that.

The route is four miles out and back, with the middle 1.5 miles having a gradual incline as it climbs to the top of the river valley. I began running with the wind at my back and it felt great to stretch my legs a little bit. I could feel my quads loosening. I knew I was going fast but I felt pretty good. The Garm on my Arm beeped at mile 1- 7:17! Whoa, partner. I knew that with 7 hilly, windy miles to go, I'd better slow it down. Mile 2- 7:05. Really? I am blaming the wind.

Luckily I started to climb the hill and my pace for the next two miles stuck around the usual/average 8:30s. Then I hit the turnaround to head back.

Good Lord, it was like a scene from Twister. You know when you're talking over loud music and it suddenly stops? That is what running in gusting headwinds is like. Luckily I hit the 1.5 mile downhill, which provided some respite from the wind.

I tried my best to keep a consistent pace the last two-ish miles and did alright- 8:10 and 8:07 ( my pace for the last .77 miles).

No sooner had I hit "Stop" on the Garm on my Arm that this happened:

Nature really is a Mother.

Totals: 7.77 miles, 1:00:59 time, 7:51 average pace. I haven't run sub-8's for this long before! I think I might be selling myself a little short in training and may have to start challenging myself on pace a little bit.

Lesson for the day: You don't know what you can do until you try.


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