It's all in the hips

In effort to narrow down my options of career paths, I've been trying some new things. This past Saturday, I was able to officially cross "Professional Golfer" off the list.

I've known for years that I am a horrible golfer but my friends apparently needed some convincing. That didn't take long. I think my record number of swings before making contact with the ball was eight. Eight. I actually got pretty good at teeing off, adhering to the old golfer's adage of "It's all in the hips." (Happy Gilmore, anyone?) It was a beautiful day out, though, and I think I got a few miles of running in as I would run to find errant balls. The beer didn't hurt anything either.

And speaking of hips, my trainer at the gym showed me a great exercise to do to strengthen my hips. I've struggled with IT band syndrome in the past, a condition thought to be caused by weak hips.

To do it, tie a stretchy band and loop it above your knees. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart with knees slightly bent (the band should be tight). Take small steps forward, making sure to start the movement from your hips, not just your feet. I usually walk the length of the gym- about 30 steps- and turn around and walk back. I can feel the burn when I'm done!

Trail Mix race in Bloomington this weekend. I need to find socks that come up a little higher to keep rocks and debris out of my shoes. A trip to Running Room is in order.


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