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My Friday Night

Went to see The Back-up Plan... Heed the reviews it's been getting and save yourself. I thought it would be a sorta cute romantic comedy. Um, no. That's 90 minutes of my life that I will never get back. I did, however, manage to eat an entire box of Sour Patch Kids. I'm calling it early carbo loading for my 17 miler on Sunday. But the highlight of the night had to be this: After one of my mocking comments during the movie, my friend Emily punched my thigh and promptly said, "Holy shit, your legs are hard !" I love running. Images found here and here .

A Pain in the Ass (and heel)

Despite my three day running hiatus after the Trail Mix Race, diligent icing, lots o' stretching and even wearing something that resembles this gem at night, I still find myself battling not only the dreaded pf but also a little piriformis pain. All of this pretty much sucks because I have semi-committed to running Grandma's Marathon mid-June (meaning I've mentally committed but haven't actually signed up) and am running the New Prague Half Marathon a week from Saturday. And did I mention that I want PRs in both? (more on that later) With that said, I've developed a little "Get Well Soon" routine for my ailing ass-cheek and hurting heel. Step 1: Warm up properly. I'm not a huge fan of static stretching - nor walking/jogging for ten minutes - prior to running. Instead, I usually do a series of butt kicks, high knees, and this fancy move to loosen my hips where I swing one leg back and forth as high as I can go. Step 2: Cross-train like it

The Cupcake Baking Extravaganza

A few weeks ago, my mom asked me if I would bake red velvet cupcakes for a wedding as a favor to a couple at her church. The guest list was small, probably around 100 people, she thought. I have only recently begun baking and have been on sort of a cupcake kick so I agreed. It was the least I could do in my unemployed state. Then the guest list grew. To like 300. The couple decided to invite the entire church. However, people weren't RSVPing so a week before the wedding, they started to make phone calls asking for responses. They had a tentative list of 180 people with 40 people that "might show up." Yikes. So Thursday evening I loaded up my car with all the ingredients and supplies that I would need to make roughly 400 cupcakes and headed off to use the church's enormous kitchen. After pre -heating the ovens, a feat in itself since none of them actually heated to the correct temperature, I began measuring and mixing and pouring and baking and cooling and tasting.

Trail Mix Race Recap

These past few days have been crazy! It began on Thursday with baking nearly 400 cupcakes (more on that later) and my weekend activities included my first trail race, frosting and decorating the aforementioned cupcakes, a baby shower and the beginning pains of plantar fasciitis. Now on to the race details. For the Trail Mix race series in Bloomington, I was part of an all women's team for the 50k team event. We all start together and run a 12.5k (7.75 miles) loop. Our individual times are added together for our final score. A friend of my mom's, Cheryl, asked me to run with her and her sister, Laurie, and her friend Melanie. I had never run a trail race before and the website didn't show a course map or elevation chart. Because I didn't really know what to expect- and started to have pain in my heel- I set a tentative goal of an 8:20 pace. Here we are pre-race: Cheryl, me, Melanie, Laurie We arrived up there around 8:30, an hour before the race started. It was per

Breaking wind

After a killer leg workout on Monday, and a crushing strength class yesterday, my quads weren't feeling too enthusiastic about running 8 miles today and I especially did not want to do it indoors. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that although it was warm outside, the wind was brutal. Like gusting. Still, I decided to do my Cambria Hill route, thinking that the river valley bluffs would protect me from Mother Nature's fury. I was pretty much wrong about that. The route is four miles out and back, with the middle 1.5 miles having a gradual incline as it climbs to the top of the river valley. I began running with the wind at my back and it felt great to stretch my legs a little bit. I could feel my quads loosening. I knew I was going fast but I felt pretty good. The Garm on my Arm beeped at mile 1- 7:17! Whoa, partner. I knew that with 7 hilly, windy miles to go, I'd better slow it down. Mile 2- 7:05. Really? I am blaming the wind. Luckily I started to climb

It's all in the hips

In effort to narrow down my options of career paths, I've been trying some new things. This past Saturday, I was able to officially cross "Professional Golfer" off the list. I've known for years that I am a horrible golfer but my friends apparently needed some convincing. That didn't take long. I think my record number of swings before making contact with the ball was eight. Eight. I actually got pretty good at teeing off, adhering to the old golfer's adage of "It's all in the hips." (Happy Gilmore, anyone?) It was a beautiful day out, though, and I think I got a few miles of running in as I would run to find errant balls. The beer didn't hurt anything either. And speaking of hips, my trainer at the gym showed me a great exercise to do to strengthen my hips. I've struggled with IT band syndrome in the past, a condition thought to be caused by weak hips. To do it, tie a stretchy band and loop it above your knees. Stand with your feet sho

First Friday

It's gorgeous out today so it's fitting that I am completely unmotivated to do anything except laundry and watch "reality" tv (hello, E!). I've been running pretty hard all week- actually, for the past few weeks- and I think my body is starting to rebel. My shins are suspiciously sore and I know they are secretly planning a rebellion against this weekend's runs (8 Saturday, 10 Sunday). Perhaps ice will placate them. I'm Hannah, by the way, and I've been running for as long as I can remember. There is a picture of me running on the beach in California when I was five while on vacation with my family. In elementary school I took pride in beating the boys on Track & Field Day and in Jr. High I ran with the Varsity track team. Once in high school, I found other distractions and running became something I did just during the spring track season and I was content with my "never first, never last" placement in races. College brought what colleg